Hundreds of motorcycles will be roaring downtown on Sept. 16 all in support of the Salvation Army.

The Moose Jaw Cycle Association is holding its 35th annual Toy Run parade to deliver toys to the Salvation Army.

Those taking part will meet on Manitoba Street between the Fourth Avenue Bridge and Main Street. The route will take the bikers up Main Street and will turn left at Thatcher Drive to the Salvation Army Church.

Last year, the parade ran into a snag when Main Street was double booked with the Downtown Moose Jaw Association's Little Chicago Car Show. The two groups were able to work together as the parade ran through the car show.

In a similar situation, the Toy Run has once again coordinated to ride through the car show.

"It actually worked out quite good, so we decided to join forces again and run through their car show so the people that are interested in cars can also see the bikes and the toys," said Moose Jaw Cycle Association member Murray Roney.

Those taking part are asked to bring a donation for the Salvation Army, whether it is a new toy or a cash donation.

"There are all age groups, so it's whatever your preference is. Some people like to buy for the little kids. Some people buy for the older kids, and there's a lot of people that don't bring toys, they do a cash donation to the Salvation Army to help along with their hampers or their Christmas toys or stuff like that too," Roney said.

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