The City of Moose Jaw has appointed Western Municipal Consulting to manage the city’s Board of Revision for 2023.  

This is the second year that the city has hired the third-party company to hear property assessment appeals.  

Tim Lafreniere, Mike Waschuk Gordon Parkinson, Dave Thompson, Wayne Adams, Jeff Hutton, Dave Gurney, Murray Dean and Stew Demmans will make up the board. Kristen Tokaryk was appointed as secretary for the Board of Revision.  

It was noted that the Government of Saskatchewan amended The Municipalities Regulations, The Cities Regulations and the Northern Municipalities Regulations. The amendments included that all boards of revision must be certified to hear property assessment appeals starting with the 2023 taxation year. The city confirmed that Western Municipal Consulting is certified by the province.  

The Board of Revision hears assessment appeals and can either confirm the assessment or change the assessment. Decisions by the Board of Revision can be appealed to the Assessment Appeals Committee of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board.  

According to city administration, Western Municipal Consulting received 74 appeals in 2022. Six were resolved by agreements to adjust, eight were withdrawn and 60 went to hearings. Of the appeals that went to hearings, five were successful.  

In total, the city paid Western Municipal Consulting $44,735.45 in 2022. The city will see an increase in fees for 2023. Western Municipal Consulting increased its board member hourly rate from $75 in 2022 to $90 this year.  

In comparison, the city paid an internal Board of Revision $41,475 in 2021.  

The internal Board of Revision heard 117 appeals that year.