Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

If you don't have your tickets yet then there's one more chance on Monday and what's left won't last long.

Rolling Stones tickets are the hottest things in Saskatchewan right now next to the weather as fan club members scooped up their share on Wednesday. Saskatchewan Roughriders season ticket holders had their shot Thursday. You and I can go for it on Monday.

But with all of this excitement surrounding the concert, its inevitable that someone other than the concert promoter is looking to make a buck. More than 20 tickets are now listed on eBay, a worldwide Internet auction service, with one pair of seats going for $2,000.00 U.S.

When purchased at the box office tickets range from $62.50 to $302.50 Canadian.

With concerns over a sold out show before the public sale on Monday growing, concert promoter DKD has ensured us there will be tickets for fans to start the new week and this hype is nothing new for the Rolling Stones. The promoter has stated that there are a limited amount of tickets available for the presale and there will be a good selection available on Monday.