Environment and Climate Change Canada records show that the overall provincial picture for 2023 was warm and dry. 

The La Ronge weather station broke a record, with its annual mean temperature of 2.4 degrees making the year the warmest in 56 years.  

Other stations that recorded warm years when it came to their annual mean temperatures included Key Lake at –0.3 degrees and its fourth warmest in 42 years, and North Battleford at 3.5 degrees and its fourth warmest in 79 years.  

Moose Jaw was also relatively warm in 2023 compared to normal, with its eleventh warmest year in 123 years at an annual mean temperature of 5.0 degrees.  

A lack of precipitation throughout the year led to a dry year across the province. Moose Jaw had its second driest year in 107 years, with only 194.8 mm of precipitation recorded in 2023, whereas 365.2 mm would be considered normal.  

Key Lake had its second driest year in 38 years at 316.9 mm, and North Battleford also experienced its second driest year in 76 years with 191.1 mm of precipitation recorded.  

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