Starting February 1, 2024, the minimum age to buy tobacco and vapour products will raise to 19, matching the current age restriction to purchase cannabis and alcohol.  

The move comes after a change in provincial legislation was passed in October 2023.  

In a Government of Saskatchewan press release, Health Minister Everett Hindley commented on the change: 

"These products have no place in Saskatchewan schools and I'm pleased that MLAs on both sides of the house voted unanimously to take the necessary steps to protect students from being exposed to these products." 

Government-issued photo ID needs to be presented to buy any tobacco, vapour, alcohol, or cannabis products in Saskatchewan. 

Individuals cannot smoke or vape in enclosed public places or while located within three metres of building entrances, windows, or air-intakes of such places. It is also not allowed to smoke or vape in any vehicle that has an occupant below 16 years old, and doing so can end in a $220 fine.