Last month's provincial budget included $4 billion in education spending, which is up $235.3 million or 6.2 per cent from last year.

Saskatchewan's 27 school divisions will get $2 billion in operating funds, an increase of $49.4 million compared to last year.

About $7 million will be allotted to the school divisions to maintain more than 200 additional full-time teachers.

Despite the increase in funding, Prairie South School Division (PSSD) will actually be receiving less money.

"Last year we received $83.8 million, this year we will be receiving $83.9 million, but the Ministry will be deducting $1 million in fees to support the new Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation," explained PSSD Board Chair Giselle Wilson. "We'll also see a reduction in approximately $290,000 in our PMR (Preventative Maintenance and Renewal) funding."

She says PSSD will be using approximately $4 million out of reserve funding to cover the shortfall.

Enrollment is expected to remain steady at 6,700 full-time equivalent (FTE).

"We won't really see growth in staffing," explained Wilson. "Classrooms will still remain our number one priority so we'll continue to staff our classroom in the way that we believe meets the best needs of our students and our staff. Because we aren't expecting a whole bunch of new students, we won't really see a whole bunch of growth in the teacher area."

Also announced in the provincial budget was about $152.3 million for education capital. This includes $115.7 million to support the ongoing planning and construction of 15 new schools and the renovation of five existing schools.

"We do have our joint-use school with Holy Trinity that is currently in the tender process, so we're still waiting to see how that rolls out for us. Hopefully, we'll have some good news in the future and get some shovels in the ground," noted Wilson.

In terms of renovations, PSSD will be installing an HVAC system at Rockglen School, and an accessible washroom at Coronach School. Asphalt, playground, and surface work will be completed at École Gravelbourg School. Eyebrow School will be receiving changeroom and washroom upgrades. Security camera systems installations and upgrades will also take place in a variety of schools.