The Saskatchewan government has announced that online auctions to sell the permits associated with SLGA Retail Inc. stores is set to begin February 6th. The auctions will be staggered, with the final auctions beginning February 15. 

The auction for Moose Jaw and Assiniboia will take place February 7th to the 16th.

Interested bidders must pre-register and pay a $5,000 deposit to participate. The deposit will be refunded if the bid is not successful. The successful bidder must also pay a bidder’s premium (auction fee) (15 per cent to maximum of $750), permit application fee ($525) and annual permit fee ($525 city/$263 town/$158 village).

The auctions are for the liquor permits only as there are no buildings, fixtures or inventory included in the sale. The winning bidder must also meet all terms associated with holding a retail store permit.

Once the auctions associated with SLGA Retail Inc. permits wrap up, auctions will be held for communities that qualify for an additional permit under SLGA's population matrix, if someone has expressed interest in the permit. These auctions were suspended during the pandemic. 

Last October, the province announced its plans to sell all SLGA liquor stores and exit the retail market.

The remaining 34 locations are expected to start closing later this month with the transition to be completed by the end of March 2023.

Auctions will be held on in real-time.