Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 October 2, 2023 – October 3, 2023

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 62

0744 Hrs – Hit & Run – 400 block Main St- Vehicle was hit sometime in the previous day.

0753 Hrs – Found property- 1200 Block Main St N- two bikes where located.

0842 Hrs – Suspicious vehicle- Pedestrians splashed with water by passing vehicle, driver warned due to his driving actions.

0914 Hrs – Theft of auto- construction equipment stolen over night hours.

1009 Hrs – Parking Bylaw- Vehicle was legally parked.

1023 Hrs – 500 block Saskatchewan Steet West- Items were taken out of back yard.

1103 Hrs – Parking Bylaw- Owner contact and will move vehicle.

1157 Hrs – Dispute- Situation was mediated and advice was given to parties involved.

1157 Hrs – Stolen Bike- Bike was stolen during past couple days, information gathered.

1228 Hrs –Unwanted Guest- Subject was located refused any services and sent on his way.

1230 Hrs – Threats- Suspect will be charged with uttering threats.

1238 Hrs – Found Property- documented, till owner is found.

1332 Hrs – Bike Theft- 1200 Block Main St. N- A bike was stolen in past two weeks; video surveillance will be provided.

1424 Hrs- Suspicious Vehicle-Vehicle was located, occupants of vehicle spoken to. No concerns for safety or well being.

1451 Hrs- Mischief- Vehicle gas cap had been tampered with over night, reported for information.

1511 Hrs- Theft of Auto- Vehicle was located and will be investigated.

1517 Hrs- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle owner contact and will move it.

1519 Hrs- Found Property- Bullets were turned into police station to be disposed of.

1559 Hrs- MVA- Two vehicles were involved in accident, one ticket, one tow, no injuries, total of $2700 damage.

1603 Hrs- Unwanted Guest- Individuals blocking a fire exit, where gone prior to police arrival.

1625 Hrs- Dangerous Driving- Vehicle wasn’t located but officers will continue to investigate.

1640 Hrs- Suspicious person- Subject was located and given warning regarding their behavior.

1639 Hrs- Bike stolen- Unknown time or date boke was stolen but reported.

1703 Hrs- Dispute- Advice was given, civil issue not police matter.

1719 Hrs- Found property- Items seized for destruction.

1757 Hrs- Well Being check- Neighbour was safe and sound, no concerns.

1826 Hrs- Suspicious person- Was located, no safety concerns asked to leave premise.

1916 Hrs- Dog bylaw- Area checked no local dogs barking.

1925 Hrs- Suspicious Occurrence- 400 block 1st Ave NW- Dangerous actions while driving, reported for informational purposes.

1940 Hrs- Lost property-1000 block of Wolfe Ave- Missing dog to be on the look out for.

1951 Hrs- Building Insecure- Area and building searched, doors properly secured. Building owner contacted.

2008 Hrs- Suspicious Occurrence- 400 block 1st Ave NW- Dangerous actions while driving, reported for informational purposes.

2079 Hrs- Dog bylaw- Home owner spoken to and warned of the bog bylaw.

2113 Hrs- Dispute- Both parties have agreed to go their separate ways for the evening and to not cause a disturbance again.

2339 Hrs- Dispute- Complainant was given advice to contact a lawyer due to issue being a civil matter not a criminal one.

258 Hrs- Unwanted guest- Suspect was sent on his way with any issue.

Warrant Executed – 0

Assist Other Agency – 2

911 Calls – 10