Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 March 14 – 2023 March 15

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –      50

0718 hours – Insecurity – Side door of a business open upon arrival of staff, building cleared by police, no signs of forced entry, no stolen property.

0759 hours – Dispute –  Driving dispute between two parties, still under investigation by police.

0812 hours – Motor Vehicle Collision – Two vehicle motor vehicle collision, one ticket issued, no injuries, two tows, approximately $25,000 in damages.

0820 hours – Motor Vehicle Collision – Single motor vehicle collision, one tow, minor injuries, 1 ticket issued, $20,000 in damages.

0833 hours – Suspicious Person – Suspicious individual trying to get into a residence with key, complainant given advise, still under investigation by police.

0854 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject located by police, name was provided to business to issue a ban.

0902 hours – Parking Bylaw – Vehicle parked in violation of municipal bylaw, tires marked, still under investigation by police to follow up.

1014 hours – Fraud – Fraudulent call made to complainant, advise given by police, no money lost.

1122 hours – Parking Bylaw – Truck and Trailer parked in violation of the municipal parking bylaw, police contacted registered owner, vehicle to be moved tomorrow.

1246 hours – Landlord/Tenant Situation – dispute between landlord and tenant, advise given to landlord by police.

1401 hours – Harassing Calls – Harassing calls being made to family members, advise provided by police, still under investigation.

1428 hours – Mischief – Vehicle vandalized within the last 4 days, 3 windows smashed, still under investigation by police to review video.

1539 hours – Dispute – Dispute between business employee and unwanted guest, one ban issued.
1841 hours – Dispute – Dispute between landlord and tenant, still under investigation by police to get a statement from both parties.

1917 hours – Dispute – Dispute between two parties over a vehicle sale, advise provided by police.

Assist Other Agency – 8

Breaches – 2

Warrant Executed – 3

911 Calls – 8