Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 July 26 – 2023 July 27

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –  64

0718 hours – Assistance to Sick Person – Police assisted a subject and helped make arrangements for the day.

0741 hours – Theft – Business was entered with tools stolen, still under investigation to identify suspect.

1206 hours – Hit & Run – Vehicle was struck by another vehicle in a parking lot, still under investigation to obtain video.

1346 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Unknown person asking for money, party involved was advised to block and seize communication.

1603 hours – Harassing Communication – Messages sent through social media, advised to block.

1622 hours – Dispute – Police attended to a residence and mediated a verbal dispute, parties separated.

1823 hours – Well-Being Check – Police located subject in good health, just resting due to the hot weather.

1859 hours – Dangerous Driving – Driver was speeding in a residential area, warned for their driving actions.

1938 hours – Bike Theft – Bike stolen from a residence, description of the bike provided to the police.

2027 hours – Intoxicated Person – Police attended to a dwelling unit and arrested a subject for breach and public intoxication, held in cells for court.

2154 hours – Well-Being Check – Police located subject outside a business who was arrested and held for court on outstanding warrants.

2242 hours – Disturbance – Loud music in a dwelling unit, tenant was warned under the bylaw.

2320 hours – Intoxicated Person – Police attended to a business where a subject had been harassing other people, police spoke to subject who was sent on their way.

2320 hours – Loud Party – Police were notified of a party, homeowner warned of the bylaw.

0053 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject was located sleeping outside a business, sent on their way.

Assist Other Agency – 5

Breaches – 7

Warrant Executed – 2