Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 January 19 – 2023 January 20

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –44

0655 hours- Mischief- Dispute between two individuals. Situation mediated.

0730  hours- Suspicious Person- An individual was carrying items from store. Situation mediated

1059 hours- Dog Barking- Owner was warned of bylaw

1116 hours- Break and Enter- Someone entered vacant residence. Nothing stolen or damaged

1324 hours- Threats- Subject charged with utter threats and breach of probation

1400 hours- Subject arrested on warrants and held until sober

1415 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject was spoken to and nothing was suspicious

1451 hours- Suspicious Person- Subject was advised to not touch vehicles

1608 hours- MVA Over- 2 vehicle motor accident with $1000 damage

1627 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals having a disagreement over money, they were banned and moved along

1657 hours- Mischief- Subject charged with mischief.

1823 hours- Well Being Check-Spoke with individual and they are fine. Their work was updated

2008 hours- Property Found- Wallet was found and exhibited

2035 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was having health issues and was taken home

2154 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals over alcohol. Both parties separated for the night

2158 hours- Driving Dangerous- Subject was spoken to and warned for driving.

0012 hours- Noise Bylaw- Subject was warned of noise bylaw and the complainant was notified.

0121 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject is going to stay with a family member

0128 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Complainant was spoken to and given advice

0442 hours- Dispute- Between two brothers. Situation mediated

0451 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was compliant and left

Warrants Executed – 3

Assist Other Agencies – 5

911 calls – 10

Community Services Project – 2

Alarm Calls-1