Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 December 3 – 2023 December 4

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 49


0842 hours – Dispute – subjects arguing and screaming – mediated all was fine.

1124 hours – Mischief – attempted theft of batteries- no batteries taken one was damaged and no longer usable.

1359 hours – Dangerous Dog – area searched dog was GOA.

1408 hours – suspicious person – lurking around a business where staff are afraid – two subjects located and identified and sent on their way.

1552 hours – dispute – family dispute – mediated and homeowner provided options.

1759 hours -MVA with injury – vehicle vs pedestrian – 1 transported to hospital, SUI for Charges

1843 hours – Unwanted guest -subject with white jacket banned from store- male gone prior to police arrival.

1918 hours – Unwanted guest – male with white coat locked himself in washroom and won’t leave – subject left on police arrival business issuing a ban letter to subject.

2031 hours – suspicious person – subject unresponsive – subject sleeping and was checked out by EMS and sent on his way.

2131 hours – Hit and run – minor damage approx. $1000 damage.

2142 hours – Unwanted Guest – subject scaring customers away – subject located and sent on his way. Subject then wandered into another business and was removed from there as well.

0154 hours -unwanted guest – subject laying in bank atm area – subject charged with trespassing as subject was banned from that premise.


Beach of Conditions: 2

Wellbeing Check: 7

Warrants: 2

Assist other Agencies: 6

Alarm Calls: 1

Parking by-law: 1

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