In early May, the Prairie South School Division (PSSD) approved it’s 2022-23 annual budget.


Moose Jaw for several maintenances and structural enhancement projects.

A total of eight Prairie South schools in the city are scheduled to undergo maintenance between 2023 and 2026.

In 2023 and 2024 the PSSD's PMR plan has budgeted to do $710,000 worth of work on schools in Moose Jaw:

- Sunningdale school will have accessibility upgrades costing $15,000

- Palliser Heights School is getting a roof replacement for $200,000

- Caronport Elementary is upgrading its flooring for a cost of $180,000

- Riverview Collegiate is making upgrades to their asphalt and their change-room facilities for a total of $165,000

- Central School will also see flooring upgrades for $150,000

Between 2024 and 2025, the school division plans to spend $520,000 on:

- Palliser Heights school for staff parking upgrades at a cost of $150,000

- King George School will receive new fencing for $20,000

- A.E. Peacock will replace their vents for $350,000

In the time of 2025 and 2026, the school division plans to spend $1 million on a crawl space mediation at Lindale School.

The PSSD’s PMR plan extends to other schools under its division in the province as well. In total the PSSD will be spending over $8 million on maintenance plans in schools across the province.

While the board discussed the budgeting and organization of the PMR plan, Facilities Manager Darren Baiton explained that the plan needs to uphold the expectations of the Ministry of Education which has provided the PSSD with $218,464 in extra funding for the PMR plan.

PSSD expects to spend roughly $2.6 million over this 5-year plan.

Baiton and his team were recognized and thanked during the board meeting by trustees Robert Bachman and Crystal Froese. They commended him for the comprehensive plan and for how Baiton prioritized urgency, safety, and staff requests.