Following a recent dog attack, the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) is reminding owners to have their dogs on a leash when out on a walk.  

At this time, the MJPS could not comment on the investigation itself.  

What Constable Reggie Pawliw could say is that speaking from personal experience a dog attack is not an enjoyable experience. 

“I got bitten by a dog as well, off duty,” says Cst. Pawliw Lots of people have dogs and they need to make sure they are on a leash, there is a Bylaw for that. If that is something that happens often, which I do see, you can call the police’s non-emergency line.” 

The MJPS non-emergency line is 306-694-7600.  

As mentioned before there is a Dog By-law within the City of Moose Jaw.  

The document refers to By-laws around the licensing of dogs, the impounding of dogs, the duties of dog owners, and general information.  

If a dog is found to be “running at large”, which is off its leash, away from the owner's premises, it could be impounded and found guilty.  

The only area where a dog can be off their leash, besides within their owner's property is the Hamilton Flats Off-leash dog park (1100 Manitoba St. W).  

The length of a dog's leash could also lead to a fine. The city says that when a dog is off their owner's premises that the leash should not be greater than two metres (6 ½ feet), the animal will be deemed as running at large.  

In addition, any owner of any dog that was found chasing a pedestrian, vehicle, horse, or any other animal on a public thoroughfare could be subject to a penalty.  

The fines laid out by the city for a dog that is running at large is between $40 and $60. When it comes to leashes longer than two metres that fine could cost the owner between $40 and $60. 

Pawliw adds that even if dogs are trained well, they still could have their moments.  

“At the end of the day we need to be on the same page, same team, make sure our dogs are on a leash, and make sure that we are aware what are dogs are doing out there,” adds Cst. Pawliw.  

If you come across a dog off its leash or roaming around the streets, you are asked to contact the Moose Jaw Humane Society at 306-692-1517.