The November 2023 Athletes of the Month from the Moose Jaw High School Athletic Assocation (MJHSAA) have been released.

Back Row: McKelvey Ellard (Volleyball-CCS), Talen Giraudier (Volleyball-CCI), Josiah Poettcker (Volleyball-BCA), Zalan Deak (Volleyball-RVCI), Allie Coulson-Baum (Volleyball-AEP), Kiera Cushway (Volleyball-CCI)

Front Row: Annika Wonnick (Volleyball-CCS), Jillian Polupski (Volleyball-AEP), Ava Gibbs (Volleyball-VCI), Charis Resch (Volleyball-BCA), Hailey Flaman (Volleyball-RVCI)

Missing: Darryl Manalo (Volleyball-VCI)

AEP = A.E. Peacock Collegiate
BCA = Briercrest Christian Academy
CCI = Central Collegiate
CCS = Cornerstone Christian School
RVCI = Riverview Collegiate
VCI = Vanier Collegiate

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