A 29-year-old man charged after a stabbing attack at a downtown business on Oct. 3 made a court appearance via telephone in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Wednesday. 

Brandon Bluecloud is facing charges including assault with a weapon. He was represented by defence lawyer Suzanne Jeanson. 

According to police, a customer had been approached from behind and stabbed multiple times in the lower back region before the attacker fled the scene. 

Through video surveillance, police were able to confirm that the weapon was a syringe. 

Previously, the court had ordered a psychiatric assessment as the court was trying to determine Bluecloud’s mental state at the time of the crime.  

Provincial Crown prosecutor Rob Parker told Judge David Chow that he had discussions with the Crown prosecutor’s head office and they were not prepared to consent to Bluecloud being found not criminally responsible. 

Trial dates of March 11 and 13 were reserved for the case. Parker requested that the trial dates be reserved in case the trial moves ahead either for the charges or in relation to being not criminally responsible. 

However, the case was adjourned so that the Crown and defence could have further discussions on how to proceed. Bluecloud will be back in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Nov. 27. 

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