A 30-year-old Moose Jaw man was sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to about a dozen charges in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Wednesday. 

Thomas Wadham pleaded guilty to numerous charges as part of a joint submission between the defence and Crown prosecution including theft, failing to appear in court, uttering death threats, causing a disturbance, prowling at night and multiple breaches of an undertaking for breaching a no-contact order and weapon prohibitions for being in possession of a knife. 

The joint submission was that Wadham had spent 77 days in custody and was credited for 116 days as time served. 

Crown prosecutor Rob Parker said he was originally going to seek 120 days but with only a four-day difference he went along with the 116-day sentence. 

The joint submission included a 12-month probation which included a no-contact condition, a firearms and weapons prohibition including knives except for eating or employment and Wadham can be the subject of a police search without a warrant or reasonable grounds for the weapons prohibition. 

Legal Aid lawyer Zak Anderson told the court his client struggles with cognitive and mental health issues and has had issues with drug addiction and homelessness. 

Judge Daryl Rayner asked Wadham, who appeared via video from remand, if he had anything to say. Wadham apologized for his behaviour. Rayner then followed the joint submission. 

Wadham’s charges dated back to March when he stormed out of the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Hospital while threatening staff as he left. 

On June 5, Wadham was in breach of an undertaking when he was found to have a knife in the stairwells of Casino Moose Jaw. 

On June 10, he stole a bottle of vodka from a liquor store. He was arrested two days later for that theft as well as stealing a gaming system from Giant Tiger. 

He was charged with causing a disturbance on Aug. 22 after police received a report of a shirtless man yelling near the casino and he was arrested for public intoxication at the time. 

Wadham was arrested on Aug. 31 for breaching a weapons prohibition when he was found in possession of a pocketknife behind the Canada Post building. 

On Sept. 5, he was found sleeping in a building he was not supposed to be within 50 metres of as part of an undertaking. He was arrested again on Sept. 5, after Wadham was found wandering in a resident’s yard at night. 

And then, on Sept. 13, Wadham was arrested for breaching an undertaking after police received a report of a man with a knife on Main Street. Police located Wadham and he immediately dropped the knife when confronted by police. 

Finally, on Oct. 14, Wadham was charged with breaching an undertaking when police received two calls about a man wielding a large knife heading southbound on Main Street. 

As part of the joint submission, the Crown prosecution stayed or withdrew several other theft, breach of an undertaking and failure to attend court charges.