Mac the Moose will be #1 in the world once again.

Mayor Fraser Tolmie held a press conference on Monday morning at Tourism Moose Jaw, where he pledged to reclaim the title of "World's Largest Moose Statue," which once belonged to our beloved Mac the Moose. The mayor read a statement from Mac to the media saying "I, Mac the Moose, hereby give permission to my Tourism Moose Jaw caretakers to take me to new, record breaking heights!"

Mac was bumped to #2 tallest moose statue in the world after a town in Norway erected a moose 30 centimetres taller than Mac. "They purposely built their moose bigger than ours and we're answering the call," said the mayor. "There are things you just don't do to Canadians. You don't water down our beer. And you don't mess with Mac the Moose. Or you get the antlers," he added.

Mayor Tolmie says he has had some contact with the leaders from the Norwegian town, who say they will make their moose taller if Tolmie does the same to Mac. "My words to the people of Norway: I don't want to see you bankrupt your country. We have the resources and we will do this," said Tolmie.

Tolmie added that funding to make Mac bigger will come from community donations. "There are no tax dollars going towards this," he said. "There is a 'GoFundMe' page and there have been numerous local businesses that are stepping up to the plate. And we're grateful to our community for that."

The drama started when "Justin and Greg," a pair of vloggers from Regina, ended up doing some research into Mac. "We randomly googled Mac the Moose and it came up that he was actually the 2nd largest in the world." They then made a video in which they called on our Mayor to make Mac taller than his Norwegian counterpart. "We are calling on the Mayor of Moose Jaw to find a way to put 31 centimeters back on Mac and stick it to Norway!" they shouted in the video.

"For us, it's about championing Saskatchewan. And this allows us to do that," they shared at Monday's press conference.

Mayor Tolmie takes a selfie with Regina Vloggers Justin and Greg at today's press conference 

As of yet, there is no timeline as to when this project will be completed, but the mayor does say that Jason White of Orion Taxidermy in Moose Jaw will be one of the designers. "This is something I do every day," said White. "Our home is Moose Jaw and we want to make Mac bigger. This is a big thing for us," he added.

According to the City of Moose Jaw, Mac is visited by 150,000 people a year who want their picture taken with him.