Members of a local theatre group are writing a play that focuses on the history of Moose Jaw. 

Notoriously Moose Jaw is being written by Debbie Burgher and Joan Stumborg, both members with the Moose Jaw Community Players. The late Tara Gish also contributed to the effort. 

Burgher says the play is an episodic piece that begins with the origins of Moose Jaw and covers topics such as prohibition, the plane crash over Ross School, the 1917 pandemic, the 1974 flood, and Mac the Moose.

"All these different bits and pieces of history that have happened in Moose Jaw and we've taken dramatic license to bring the facts to life to educate people about the wonderful city of Moose Jaw," she remarked. "Almost every story is told in a different theatrical style, just to kind of keep it moving and make it interesting. There's singing, there's dancing, there's a rap, if you can believe it, there's acting, the whole gamut. We hope to make people laugh and make people cry."

Notoriously Moose Jaw is one of two plays being considered by the group for presentation this spring. The other is a play about Saskatchewan.