A vote was held Monday night in the House of Commons to decide whether or not the Emergencies Act stayed in place. The House voted to keep it in place with 185 votes in favor over 151 votes against it.  

Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan MP Fraser Tolmie voted against the act. He strongly disagrees with the Liberal's invoking of the Emergencies Act to deal with protests across the country. Tolmie says he doesn't understand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's way of thinking and believes that this was a power grab.  

He added that invoking the Emergencies Act was not the right thing to do and it has only created fear, panic, and has added to the divide amongst Canadiens.  

According to what Tolmie says, he saw while in Ottawa and walking through the protest area, the people participating were peaceful and respectful.  

He also feels that the protests were a Municipal issue and the demonstrations could have been handled at a Municipal level. 

In the meantime, Trudeau announced on Wednesday that the Emergencies Act will be revoked as the situation is no longer an emergency.

Tolmie talked with Discover Moose Jaw’s Katherine Ludwig about more on the Emergencies Act. Listen to the full interview below.