After their Sunwing vacation to the Dominican Republic was cancelled, a couple from La Ronge, Saskatchewan decided to make Moose Jaw their winter travel destination.

Shaune and Daina Lapworth were scheduled to leave for Punta Cana from Saskatoon on January 4 and return January 11. It was their first international trip planned since COVID. Shaune says they are still waiting for a full refund from Sunwing, which was promised by the airline company.

As a replacement, the couple decided to head south to 'Canada's Most Notorious City' and visit some friends who live here.

"Being in La Ronge, we're a long ways from Moose Jaw," said Shaune. "I've been through here a few times. We used to come years back for the air show and they always treated us really well. My wife really needed a vacation and so she was the one who said, 'Well, let's go to Moose Jaw!'."

Deer in Moose JawShaune and Daina were greeted by some Moose Jaw wildlife.

The couple decided to take the scenic route from La Ronge to Moose Jaw and explore the various communities along the way. It would normally be a six-hour drive heading down Highway 2 or 11.

"There's so much to explore between La Ronge and Moose Jaw. We took all kinds of little small-town tours...Explore around your own communities. There's always something to do," remarked Shaune. "We took some back roads and went through Outlook and Elbow and around the lake there. So we got to Moose Jaw, we've taken in the Temple Gardens, we're staying here. I'm a big museum fan, so I went to the Western Development Museum, I haven't been there in probably 15 years, so I enjoyed that. This afternoon [Thurs] we're going to do the Tunnels Tour and lots of good places to eat in the city. We like Moose Jaw."

Shaune and Daina will be wrapping up their Moose Jaw adventure Friday morning. Shane said they are planning to return to the city in the summer to take in some of the classic car events.

"I just like the feel and the vibe of the city. I like the architecture. It's a nice small city," he added.


Moose Jaw Hotel RoomShaune and Daina decided to bring the beach to their Moose Jaw hotel room.
La Ronge Beach DayThe couple made their own beach fun in La Ronge, SK after their Sunwing trip to the Dominican Republic was cancelled.