With the recent shift in the weather, you may be tempted to lace up the skates and take part in one of Canada's favourite past times. Even though the outdoor rinks aren't ready yet... Thankfully, you have other options.  

While it's too early to say if the flooding of outdoor rinks will be delayed due to an unusually warm November, Scott Osmachenko, recreation services manager with the city, says they still have some time. 

"So, in normal years we always look for getting the rinks ready before the Christmas season. So, when the kids get out of school and they have some time (to use them). That's kind of always our goal is to have them ready that week before the Christmas season. We are still planning to meet that date with some cooperation from, again, the weather." 

With over a dozen rinks in the city, the city does have a plan to prioritize rinks. Crews will start with the oval in Wakamow and the rinks with heated shacks. A full map of priority rinks can be found here

Osmachenko says shacks will be fully operational again this year. The only thing residents will need to keep in mind is that they are indoor public spaces and masks will be required under the current public health measures.  

Once the ice is frozen solid and ready to be carved up, the lights will be on from 5 pm to 10 pm at all outdoor rinks. Crokicurl will also be up and running again this season at the Kinsmen Sportsplex.  

As for indoor ice time, the city received additional funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association to offer more indoor ice skating times.  

"We have made it a priority to offer skating at different times. Special morning times, some afternoon times... A lot of weekend times, evening times, and then we have done the skating sticks and pucks and then shinny too."  

"So, lots of opportunities. And some of those are even free and we're definitely happy to say that you'll look in our new recreation guide, (and see) that we have free skating over the holiday season, where the weather is always perfect," Osmachenko added.  

For the full indoor skating schedule and guidelines click here. You can also find the recently released winter recreation guide here