Construction along Highway 2 south of Moose Jaw is nearing the finishing line. 

Steve Shaheen, Senior Communications Consultant with the Government of Saskatchewan, has the details. 

“[The project] is close to wrapping up. Construction, including 10 kilometers of paving on Highway 2 has wrapped up,” said Shaheen noting that crews will return later this season to install guardrails. 

The project is estimated to cost just north of $4 million and includes resurfacing of Highway 2 near 15 Wing Moose Jaw. 

“We do our best to maintain the current infrastructure but sometimes after 10 to 15 years [the roads] start to break down a little bit and we need to get out there and resurface them. The time was up on [Highway 2] and there is some resurfacing going on,” added Shaheen. 

A smoother ride is in store for those that travel Highway 2 as another resurfacing project is underway. A 16.6 km section of Highway 2 will be resurfaced north of the junction of Highway 36 for an estimated cost of $7.4 million with an estimated completion date of July 15, 2023.