The population of Saskatchewan continues to reach new heights. 

Statistics Canada released the quarterly population estimates for the 2nd quarter of the year, which ended on June 30th, Wednesday morning. The numbers showed the growth year over year from the second quarter of 2022 is the largest single-year increase the province has seen in more than a century.  

The main driver of the population growth was international migration, with a net increase of 9,594. Natural growth, measured by births minus deaths, was 890. The province did see growth from immigration and natural growth offset with 1,917 people leaving Saskatchewan for other provinces.  

The interprovincial migration saw most people who went from Saskatchewan to other provinces heading to Alberta, Ontario or British Columbia. The majority of those coming from other provinces came from Ontario and Alberta.  

As of July 1st, the population of Saskatchewan is estimated at 1,209,107. 

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