Tough new penalties will come into effect on Oct. 1, aimed at deterring drivers from stunting and street racing, according to SGI. 

The cost of a ticket for stunting will increase from $150 to $580, plus four demerit points.  

Tickets for street racing will go up from $205 to $580 for the first offence and escalate for repeat offences within a one-year time period. This includes $1,400 for a second offence and $2,100 for a third offence. All street racing tickets come with four demerit points. 

“Reckless and unsafe driving behaviours like street racing and stunting are a growing concern,” said Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan. “These risky choices can have serious and often life-threatening consequences, and the penalties need to appropriately address them.”     

Even before the new penalties, a ticket for street racing comes with an immediate 30-day vehicle impoundment, while repeat offfences come with three-day impoundments. 

A second phase of the legislation that is coming at a later date will implement a 30-day impoundment as well as an immediate seven-day licence suspension for stunting, racing and exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h or by more than double the posted speed limit. 

Under the Traffic Safety Act, street racing is defined as: 

  • Racing side by side with another vehicle while disobeying the speed limit   
  • Chasing another vehicle   
  • Speeding in and out of lanes to unsafely pass vehicles   
  • Driving at a speed that is a marked departure from the speed limit. 

Stunting is defined as: 

  • Attempting to lift some or all tires from the roadway (including driving a motorcycle on one wheel)   
  • Attempting to spin a vehicle to cause it to spin or circle  
  • Driving a vehicle while not sitting in the driver’s seat  
  • Driving in the oncoming lane longer than is needed to pass   
  • Driving a vehicle in a way that prevents another vehicle from passing    
  • Stopping or slowing down to interfere with the movement of another vehicle