Local chiropractor Dr. Kyle Kelbert is looking forward to watching the W Network this weekend. He plays a role in a new Hallmark movie called "The Santa Summit".

The film was directed by Moose Jaw's own Jeff Beesley.

You may remember, back in 2020, we talked to Kyle about the fact he was invited by Beesley to be an extra on the set of the movie "Project Christmas Wish".

Well, three years later, the story continues to unfold.

Kyle says, "While Jeff granting me my 'wish' was meant to be a one-time bucket list event, it turns out that I fell in love with being on set and acting and have continued to do it."

Have a listen to our visit with Kyle for the rest of the story AND, plan to watch the new movie, "The Santa Summit", airing November 5th as part of the W Network's Countdown to Christmas.

Spoiler Alert: Kyle has a speaking part in the movie!


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