With the help of the Co-op Community Spaces Program and the City of Moose Jaw, the East End Community Association was able to open up a new spray park on Thursday.

Citizens gathered around East End Park for an afternoon of family fun, and the Moose Jaw Co-op brought Freezies for kids to enjoy under the hot sun.

The park includes a large variety of entertaining water structures and activities, with hundreds attending the event. 

The previous East End Park was revitalized into the Co-op Community Spray Park, with the operation spearheaded by the neighbourhood's Community Association. By applying for a grant with the Co-op Community Spaces program, and they were able to obtain $120,000, which was matched by the City of Moose Jaw, raising the budget to $240,000 for the construction of the park. 

Jenny Gadd, Member on the Board of the East End Community Association, described her appreciation for the park and the event's turnout.

"This is incredible, so many children today, it's fantastic. Lots of kids and families, and you know, the park is already amazing, with the landscaping and the green space that we have here, and the playground structure. To have this spray pad included, with little areas for all ages of children is fantastic."

The unveiling was attended by dozens of families looking to escape the heat, and many important figures such as Craig Hemingway, the Communications Manager for the City of Moose Jaw, many Co-op representatives, members of the East End Community Association, and Mayor Frasier Tolmie, all of which did not manage to escape the event dry.

"I would just like to say thank you to everyone who supported this from start to finish, and I would say my always standard pitch, of community association involvements throughout the city, are fantastic. There is an association in your neighbourhood, and if you're interested in volunteering or becoming involved, contact the City Parks and Recreation Department for the association in your area," said Gadd. 

The park is situated on the corner of 9th Avenue NE and Ominica Street E, just south from the baseball diamonds at Bell Park.