Wakamow Valley Authority (WVA) wants to hear from the community. 

Their board of directors is currently developing a three-year strategic plan for 2024-2027 and is looking for feedback from the community to determine what their priorities should be.  

They want all kinds of feedback. “It’s an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns or ideas – what kinds of projects they’d like to see in the park,” said Donna MacQuarrie-Bye, general manager of Wakamow Valley Authority.  

The survey is open until March 29, 2024. Questions range around how often people are in Wakamow Valley, what activities, events, and locations they visit while there, and what the Authority should focus on going forward.  You can find the survey here

They will also be holding an open house on March 1 at the Sportsman Centre at 276 Home Street East, tentatively running from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m., to give residents an opportunity to provide that feedback in person.  

In April they will compile the information from the survey and open house, before it is presented to the board of directors.