Terri Lang, meteorologist with Environment Canada, gave us an overview of the weather in Moose Jaw in 2023 and what we can expect going forward.  

She says that the warmest month last year for Moose Jaw was June, at an average of 19.5 degrees, and the coldest month was March at an average of –9.8 degrees. 

The driest month was December, with 1.7 mm of precipitation recorded in the month. 

“The wettest month was June, with 29.6 mm, but that was far below what they should have gotten in June, but I guess that qualifies as the wettest month.” 

“Overall for the year, there’s been just under 195 mm of precipitation, and that’s only about 53 per cent of average. Certainly leaving 2023 with a deficit.” 

She says that final numbers are still being calculated, but that December 2023 was the warmest on record for many places in Saskatchewan. “So far for Moose Jaw, up until December 28th, it was the second warmest on record in 127 years for the month of December.” 

The temperatures in Moose Jaw are expected to dip down a bit during the next week. “Temperatures are starting cool more towards seasonal values [...] I think people would describe it as being ‘cold’ even though we’re just going more towards 30-year-average values.” 

There is no substantial precipitation expected in the short term. 

For highlights for the province as a whole in 2023, Lang says we did not see much in terms of severe weather.  

“There was only one tornado recorded in the province for 2023 – we've never had a year that has had that low of a tornado count before, and that was the one that was near the end of May towards Regina.” 

She says another notable occurrence from a weather perspective was the smoky weather during the summer months, stemming from Canada’s wildfires.  

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