Get A Life! That is the new slogan a part of a marketing campaign that the City of Moose Jaw unveiled at the Regina International Airport on Thursday morning with the hope to attract more people to the city.

The city’s Economic Development team has been hard at work with the “Get A Life” campaign over the last few months exposing all the advantages moving to Moose Jaw has.

Moose Jaw Mayor Clive Tolley was in attendance for the big announcement and explained some of the advantages of the city.

“We’re a very warm and welcoming city and I think that's what stands out first. Secondly, you can see and do a lot of things in a short period of time,” says Tolley. “If you move to Moose Jaw you’re not going to spend all your time waiting at traffic lights, you’re going to spend your time living. We've got great park systems and great entertainment.”

“I believe very strongly that Moose Jaw has a lot to offer that’s why I’ve returned to Moose Jaw, I stayed in Moose Jaw, and that’s why I’m the Mayor of Moose Jaw because I believe in the community and I think it’s a fantastic place to live,” added Tolley.

Some of the advantages highlighted in the campaign include:

  • Lower cost of living, including more house for less money. 
  • More Time: You’re always just 5-15 minutes away from anywhere you need to be in Moose Jaw, whether it’s work or running multiple kids to multiple activities.  
  • More Jobs: there are hundreds of good job openings in Moose Jaw, including opportunities with Thunder Creek Pork’s new sow-culling facility and Brandt’s new trailer manufacturing operation.  
  • It’s #NotoriouslyConvenient to travel or for loved ones to visit. Moose Jaw is located just 40 minutes to the international airport, 20 minutes to the beach, 2.5 hours to the U.S., and 6 hours to Winnipeg and Calgary. 

The city chose YQR to announce its campaign due to the economic relationship between the two cities and to allow travellers departing the airport to be educated on what Moose Jaw has to offer and the perks of living there.

Trish Martynook, who is a Moose Jaw resident and now serves on the Board of Directors for the Regina Airport Authority shared with those in attendance what this campaign means to her.

“The thing that stand out most for me is it affords me time to spend with my family and I feel like I’m living in a safe community,” notes Martynook. “It’s just that sense of community and Moose Jaw has all of that for me.”

Following the announcement, city staff handed out “Get A Life” cereal boxes to travellers arriving at the airport with educational information on Moose Jaw.

“It makes me feel excited because I do think that Moose Jaw is a wonderful place to live. I’m happy to see this campaign raise the profile because when people come here they have other options, they have Regina and Saskatoon that they can live in. I’m happy to raise the profile of a community that has everything that they’re looking for in a big city, in a small town.”

You can see a full list of the advantages of living in Moose Jaw on the city’s website