A Christmas Eve snowstorm has created a mess in Moose Jaw and has left city crews scrambling to try and clean up what Mother Nature has left behind.  

Snow-clearing operations began within the city on New Year’s Day. They began operations on 9th Avenue Northwest and continued to Main Street.  

City of Moose Jaw Manager of Communications, Craig Hemingway spoke about the progress crews have made since Sunday.  

“It’s been almost non-stop efforts since the end of October with snow-clearing operations here in the city and certainly over the holidays,” says Hemingway. “Snow removal began on New Year's Day. Crews have completed a number of locations so far and will continue that operation and we'll have the downtown and South Hill areas cleared by the end of this week.” 

Along with the snow, freezing rain hit the city over the holidays, which caused roads and highways to become a skating rink and very slick.  

Crews are doing what they can to try and make city roads as safe as possible.  

“That freezing rain last week really created an icy base on the road that has been difficult to get through,” adds Hemingway. “Crews put down crusher chips yesterday on the Priority 1 roads, so that should help. As the temperatures start to warm up this week, we’ll find the salt that’s mixed in with the sand will perform much better.” 

Hemingway concluded by reminding motorists to use caution and drive to the road conditions out on city streets. In addition, use caution and keep a lookout for snow plows and other heavy equipment while snow-clearing operations are underway.