A Moose Jaw law firm is being recognized for its volunteer work with Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan (PBLS).

Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors received the Dedicated Firm Award for 2022, which was handed out in mid-February.

"It's a very nice acknowledgment of the effort over time that many different lawyers at Chow McLeod have put in," said partner Tim Hansen. "It's been really personally rewarding but more than that, it's nice to see a concrete effect that it has on helping these people who otherwise sometimes can't afford legal services."

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, based in Regina, provides advice and assistance to those who cannot afford to pay for legal services.

"What's really nice about this cause and organization is that it's a concrete way to give back to the community. It's well organized. It's well run and you can see a very real impact in the people that you talk to," continued Hansen.

He says the great thing about PBLS is that they take care of important issues such as overhead, scheduling, and organization. This allows firms like Chow McLeod to focus on providing the best service they can to their clients.

"It's not something we do for the awards. I didn't even know the awards existed before this year, to be honest, and I've been doing it for eight years. It was just a nice surprise. I don't think it changes our motivation or it changes how we'll be approaching Pro Bono as a firm. We're very humbled and it's very nice to be recognized in that way," added Hansen.

Hansen highlighted the following individuals who contributed to the cause over the years:

David Chow
Tim M.A. McLeod
Jordan Hogeweide
Theresia Cooper
Jared McRorie
Julie Knox
Monique Paquin
Maureen Schaefer