The Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training to officially begin a pilot project especially aimed at connecting jobseekers 55 and up with potential employers. 

“Basically, it’s an innovative employment recruitment program tailored to assist businesses in filling part-time jobs, seasonal helpers, general labourers or workers, and it’s specifically designed for seniors and 55-plus,” explained Rob Clark, CEO of the Moose Jaw Chamber. 

“So, you can go to the Chamber website and it’s on there, it’s called Senior Moose Jobs ... and as an employer, you can fill it all in. There’s also the employee (section), they can fill it in and suggest what they’re looking for, or the employer can put up their suggestions, what they need help and support with, and then we would pair them up, and support and engage them.” 

According to a press release from the Chamber, Senior Moose Jobs is a unique platform designed to empower seniors by connecting them with a wide range of employment options, including full-time, part-time, casual, and volunteer positions. Recognizing the profound impact of meaningful work on mental health and well-being, this program offers seniors the opportunity to engage in activities that provide purpose and fulfillment.  

The release states that Senior Moose Jobs will also help address the pressing labour needs of local businesses.  

“Our local businesses are looking for some sort of help, some support, and actually there’s some seniors out there that are looking for an opportunity to get out, and have a purpose back in life,” Clark said. 

“I think businesses would be more than happy to hire some seniors, I mean, they’re bringing a lot of experience and knowledge, they’re going to have a great work ethic, mentorship and leadership, diversity and inclusion, and I just think it’s a great opportunity.” 

Potential employers and employees can go to and fill out registration forms to be entered into a database. If a match between skills, interests, needs, and availability is found, the Chamber will facilitate a connection. 

For more information, contact Barry Watson, program co-ordinator for the initiative, at or by phone at 306-513-5983.