Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday - just a minute to remember the good ol' days.

I'm thinking back to 40 years ago today. It was 1984 and a group of Moose Jaw movers and shakers were in the process of purchasing the Winnipeg Warriors.

It happened and later that year, there we were, in the old Moose Jaw Civic Centre watching the Moose Jaw Warriors with future stars like Theo Fleury, Mike Keane and Kelly Buchberger in uniform.

I attended some of those games that season and clearly remember many of the local season ticket holders who were there, supporting that team.

Fast-forward to last night when the Warriors won their first ever Western Hockey League championship at their new home, the Moose Jaw Events Centre and some of those same people who were there 40 years ago were in attendance to celebrate the victory.

There was jubilation, handshakes, high fives, hugs, laughter and yes, tears - happy tears.

It strikes me today that while our hockey players, the coaches, management and staff are to thank for the victory, the people who have stuck with our team for 40 years played a role and today, they can call themselves champions too.