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It's time for Twitter Tuesday! I find the best of the week from the people on X, the social media platform most of us still call Twitter.

Here's a mom who shares, "Ordered new coats for my kids and for convenience I had them shipped directly to their school's lost and found section."

Another mom says, "We DO NOT throw perfectly good food away in this house. We put leftovers in Tupperware and let it go bad and THEN throw it out."

Here's a guy who Tweets, "I've been taking part in NOvember. I'm just saying NO to everything. Go away."

You've heard about the sugar shortage? This guy says, "There's a bag of sugar in every house that's been there since 1987."

Here's a middle-aged friend who says, "I just realized how long ago 2008 was and I've decided I don't like time anymore."

This guy says, "I've now reached the age where I am ALL of the 7 dwarfs."

Here's a friend who says, "My bank has informed me that Twitter friends can't be used as references for a car loan. You people are useless."

And one more, "My co-workers laugh at my jokes in-person but never in online meetings. When I asked them why, one of them said my jokes aren't remotely funny."


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