Carnie's Comments


Time to check the Twitterati on Twitter Tuesday!

Here's a thought, "Meditation was invented by someone who didn't want to do any work for an hour and still brag to others that he had accomplished something."

I like this one, "Oscillating fans are for people who want to be cool every 4 to 8 seconds."

Perhaps you can relate to this guy who Tweets, "I speak a foreign language every time I talk about the 80s to somebody under the age of 30."

Here's a young mom on Twitter who shares, "The minute you start feeling good about your parenting, Stacy from Facebook posts about her son winning the Nobel Peace Prize."

This fella says, "My wife rearranged the kitchen cabinets...I'll never eat again."

In a thread discussing inflation, this guy proclaims, "Things used to be cheaper back before they got more expensive."

And one more from a middle-aged guy who shares, "If driving with your parents still gives you anxiety, you may be entitled to financial compensation."