Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best Tweets from the Twitterati.

Timely on a Tuesday after a long weekend, this guy says, "I wish my dog could tell me what it's like to wake up happy."

Here's a friend who shares, "I never finish anything.  I have a black belt in Partial Arts."

A middle-aged lady Tweets, "Well, I'm officially old. I've started describing stuff as precious."

A married fella I follow Tweets, "No man has ever won a game of Notice Anything Different?"

This guy Tweets, "My wife has never been late for anything. If it ever looks like she's going to be late, fair warning, time better slow down."

This guy, "100% of divorce begins with marriage. Anyone else see the pattern?"

Here's a funny woman I follow who shares, "Whoever invented shower chairs really walked away from so much more opportunity. This morning I put a table in there and enjoyed a delicious breakfast."