Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday!  I fund the funnies.

Like this one from a feisty fella I follow, "I try to be a good person but it's just so boring."

Here's a 50-something guy who shares, "The people at the place I get my haircut think I'm over 65.  Like, not even on the fence enough to ask.  It's just, 'Yep, senior discount!"

Here's a man who shares, "Life hack:  You can turn your ordinary sofa into a sofa bed by simply forgetting your wife's birthday."

This one, "My doctor wants me to arrive 15 minutes early for my appointment so I can wait 40 minutes after my appointment time."

I like this, "Apparently the inventor of suspenders has just been awarded the no-belt prize."

You might relate to this, "I could never be a social media influencer because I wouldn't be able to believably pull off saying, 'Slay the Day or Teamwork Makes the Dream Work'."

And one from the Twitterati, "My husband said he wanted to try one of those restaurants where they prepare the food in front of you.  We went to Subway."