Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday as we celebrate 100 years of informing and entertaining at CHAB Radio.

You know, I have never, in 37 years of broadcasting, used a swear word on the air.  

I have, however, heard a number of my colleagues do it.  In fact, I was partly responsible one day many years ago.

It was early on a Saturday morning.  I walked into the control room to say hello to the disc jockey.  He was right in the middle of a live break.  I disturbed him - threw him right off.

He froze for a second, forgot what he was talking about and bailed out.  He hit the button for a commercial.  It didn't work.  He hit it again.  Nothing.

It was then he blurted out a four-word phrase that included two really bad words and then realized his microphone was still live.

After moving to the next commercial and turning the mic off, he said, "I'm gonna get fired."

I said, "No you won't.  We just have to hope the boss wasn't listening.  Maybe he'll never even hear about it."

It was at that moment, the boss walked in.  He was cussing himself - extremely upset after hearing the profanity.

I turned a peaceful, easy Saturday morning into a terribly tense time I'll never forget.

Oh, by the way, they guy kept his job.