Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday as we take a look back at 100 years on the air at CHAB Radio.

We're still catching up with the many emails we've received this year from local-area people who have fond memories.

In fact, longtime CKRM Morning Host Willy Cole sent us a note, congratulating us on 100 years.  He wrote, "CHAB has consistently been a community minded station with strong rural roots.  Many outstanding broadcasters received their first career opportunities there, including my good friend Ken Newans.  I've always considered CHAB to be a great competitor during my career.  Continued success CHAB.  Love those oldies!"

Thanks, Willy.

Truth is, the local radio market was and continues to be competitive and that makes everybody better.

The Willy and Fred Show on CKRM was good, old school radio and when those two hosted The Flea Market, it was non-stop entertainment.

In fact, one day, a crusty old fella phoned CHAB and wanted me to put him through to Willy.  He just couldn't understand why I couldn't just transfer his call.

After a bit of bickering I took the time to look the number up for him. 

I'll bet Willy set him straight!