Carnie's Comments


It's perplexing - a truly overwhelming task, to digest the annual federal budget.  The federal government telling us how they'll spend our money.  

One of the hi-lites people are talking about is the grocery rebate program.  11 million low to modest income Canadians will benefit.  Eligible couples with two children will get up to $467, single Canadians without children can get up to $234 with seniors averaging $225.

A highly intelligent friend of mine is upset, texting, "Tell me Trudeau has no concept of being food insecure without telling me he has no concept of being food insecure."

She went on to say, "I think I have to accept that there are zero political parties in this country that represent me.  They all seem to be chucking money at us to give us a fleeting hit of dopamine so we keep them in power, rather than being selfless human beings working towards the best and most rational outcomes for their constituents."

There was more.  "I want a system where people are selected as politicians by lottery, kinda like jury duty...every day citizens who have not built a political career through pandering obfuscation...Random chance mixed with the opportunity to vote seems like it would have better outcomes than our present system."

What a concept that is!

And now I'll take some time to look up the definition of "obfuscation".