Carnie's Comments


It's fun.  It's frivolous.  It's Facebook Friday!  I find the best from the best.

Like this one, "Quick animal fact:  Most bobcats are not named Bob."

This guys shares, "I hate it when people are outside when I'm trying to parallel park.  I need some privacy."

I like this post, "Oh, sure you're street smart.  Sesame Street smart."

On a related note, this one, "How much faith do I have in the human race?  Well, I look both ways before crossing a one-way street."

Here's a friend who shares, "To all the people who wrote 'stay cool' in my high school yearbook, I have some devastating news for you."

This, "The barista spilled a bag of coffee beans on the counter today and I shouted 'JAVALANCHE' and now I'm banned from another shop in my town."

And one more, "I changed all my passwords to Kenny.  Now I have all Kenny Loggins."