Kayla Penner and Matt Burns, along with their children, experienced a roller coaster of emotions this week as they had their newest addition born early Sunday morning just blocks from the hospital and their house catch fire all in one week.

It was a roadside delivery for Moose Jaw's Penner, accompanied by her sister as they were on their way to the Wigmore hospital from Penner's south hill home. Speaking to us Monday afternoon, Penner said she phoned her sister for a ride to the hospital early Sunday morning and despite her ride showing up promptly at her door on Home Street, the new addition to

the family wasn't waiting for anyone. 

"It was 'wake up and go to the hospital'..no warning," explained Penner. "I left my house at probably around 4:15am and he was born at 4:29am. We were like two blocks away from the hospital but he was coming out." 

The delivery happened right then and there with Penner and her new baby making it to the hospital by ambulance not long after. Penner was overjoyed at the care they received, saying "EMS were amazing, they even gave him a little teddy bear on the ride."

"He" is Hendrix Andrew Niel Burns, weighing 7lb 5oz and 21" long.

"Nurses were checking him out and cut the cord," she continued. "He was really cold and his levels were low, so they had to hook him up to machines. He's still on the machines, so no one can hold him yet, but we're hoping (to take him home) soon."

Where home will be has recently changed for the Penner and Burns family, as Penner's mom has a vacant house on her farmland the young family is able to stay in.

Less than 48 hours after Kayla gave birth, their home on South Hill caught fire early Tuesday morning. No family members were hurt, but their 2 dogs and cat didn't survive the blaze. 

"Matt (the father) and Zander, the 2-year old, were sleeping downstairs and Preston the 4-year old was sleeping upstairs," explained Kayla's sister Melony. "Matt had to put Zander over the neighbors fence because he kept trying to go back in the house, he ran upstairs to get Preston (their other child) and couldn't see anything because it was so full of smoke, (but) he got him out too."

Melony, who helped with the delivery of the new baby boy, said the fact Kayla gave birth where she did may have been a "blessing", given that if the delivery had gone smoothly, Kayla and the newborn may have been home when the fire struck. 

Melony says the family has moved from joy to devastation and back to happiness, thanks to the amount of support they have received from family and friends near and far in the last day.

Melony, along with many others, are collecting donations for the family saying that none of the families' household items will be salvageable.

"Right now we're good for clothes for all of the little ones (but) the dad needs clothes - he has nothing," she said. "He is size 30 in pants and a medium to large in shirts.  He also has no shoes (and) he's size 9."

She added they're still in need of Similac Sensitive formula, newborn and size 6 diapers as well as looking for monetary donations to cover the cost of the ambulance ride from the baby's delivery.

Donations are being accepted at 944 Stadacona Street West or at Castle Building Centre during business hours.

There has been a GoFundMe page set up, click here to donate. There is also a fundraiser at the Crushed Can Sports Bar & Nightclub on Friday June 16 from 5-9pm, it will be $20 a ticket contact 306-313-0735 if you would like to help or purchase tickets.