If you've felt like today's heat is recording breaking, you're right!

At 4 p.m. this afternoon (Wednesday, September 28, 2022), the mercury reached 30.8 C at CFB Moose Jaw which broke a 55-year-old heat record with a couple of hours of sunshine and heat left in the day for the temperature to increase.

The old record, 30.6 C, for September 28 was set back in 1967 at CFB Moose Jaw.

Earlier in the day Meteorologist, Jason Knight, said he anticipated seeing a few records topple as the ridge of high pressure settled over the region allowing warmer air from the southern United States to flow northwards.

Today is the sixth day this month when the temperature reached 30 C or over and it's anticipated tomorrow will be the seventh. The forecast for tomorrow is 32 C under a sunny sky in Moose Jaw.

Those that want to still enjoy some warm weather before it starts to turn, will still get an opportunity as the above seasonal temperatures are expected to stick around into next week.  

“We’re not seeing any large-scale change, just a gradual cool down. In the next couple of days, temperatures will be 15 degrees above normal, and still, next week temperatures will remain well above normal. It will be a gentle start to October and quite a welcome one perhaps,” added Knight. 

Next week, temperatures are forecasted to be in the area of around 20 degrees.