Police & Fire Report

March 14 – March 15, 2019
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 59 calls for service.

10:12 am – Hit and Run – A vehicle was parked when an unknown vehicle struck the mirror. This is still under investigation to obtain video footage.

11:13 am – Suspicious Occurrence – An adult male was displaying strange behaviour. The subject was located and left the location voluntarily.

2:53 pm – Parking Bylaw – A vehicle had been parked in the same location for more than 48 hours. The registered owner was contacted and will move the vehicle.

3:11 pm – Found Property – Items were found and turned in to the police station. The items will be exhibited.

3:40 pm – Bike Theft – The complainant’s bicycle was stolen, and the complainant wished to report it for informational purposes.

4:29 pm – Lost Property – The complainant lost property and wished to report it for informational purposes.

4:37 pm – Traffic Bylaw – A complainant called to report that a subject had driven by a pedestrian, and as the subject drove past they hit a puddle and splashed the pedestrian. The subject was warned for his driving actions.

4:41 pm – Assistance to Sick Person – Subject was displaying strange behaviour, PACT assisted and the subject was left in the care of the hospital.

4:46 pm – Bike Theft – A complainant’s bicycle was stolen. The complainant wished to report it for informational purposes.

6:04 pm – Driving Dangerous – A subject was swerving all over the road. The subject was contacted and warned.

7:27 pm – Theft – A subject was caught stealing. The subject was arrested for theft and was released with a court date.

7:33 pm – Unwanted Guest – A complainant had guests that were not wanted in the residence. The guests were gone before police arrival.

7:47 pm – MVA Under –There was a two vehicle accident, and police assisted with a name exchange.

7:51 pm – Noise Bylaw – A complainant called to report that their neighbour was very loud. The subject was advised to keep the noise down.

9:56 pm – Disturbance – Two parties were having a property dispute. The dispute was mediated and the parties separated for the night.

10:18 pm – Noise Bylaw – A subject was loud and had guests over. The subject was advised to keep the noise down.

11:20 pm – Suspicious Person – An adult subject was located at a business. He was taken to another location for the night.

2:09 am – Mischief – An adult subject damaged a complainant’s property and the subject was charged.

3:56 am – Dispute – Two parties were having a verbal dispute. The parties were separated for the night.

Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police executed two warrants.
Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police assisted one other government agency.
PACT responded on five occasions. 

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