Police & Fire Report

March 20 – March 21, 2019
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 48 calls for service.

8:31 am – MVA – A two vehicle collision resulted in minor injuries. Approximately $15,000 in damage was done and 2 tows were required.

8:44 am – Dangerous Driving – A complainant saw a subject texting and driving. Police are to speak with the registered owner.

8:51 am – MVA – A single vehicle collision resulted after the driver lost control and hit a tree. Minor injuries resulted and there was approximately $10,000 in damage.

9:35 am – MVA – A two vehicle collision happened earlier in the morning and the vehicle appeared to be drivable at the time. One tow was needed and this is still under investigation to contact the other registered owner.

9:48 am – Harassing Calls – A complainant has been receiving texts since January from a subject. A statement was taken for informational purposes at this time.

10:02 am – Assault – An assault occurred earlier in the week. The complainant was given advice on how to proceed with the situation.

10:05 am – Found Property – An item was left at the front desk of the police station. This is still under investigation to contact the owner.

10:26 am – Dispute – A subject showed up at a complainant’s residence and refused to leave. This is still under investigation.

12:34 pm – Suspicious Person – A subject was found in a backyard. They tried the door and then wandered off down the alley. The subject was gone on arrival.

1:32 pm – Break and Enter – An apartment door was kicked in sometime the night before. The renter advised that they are out of town. The apartment was unoccupied and nothing was taken.

2:00 pm – Fraud – Two suspicious subjects were trying to return items at a business without a receipt and were gone on arrival.

3:17 pm – Fraud – A complainant was out $5,000 from a computer scam.

3:35 pm – Fraud – A subject forged a name on a cheque. This is still under investigation.

3:47 pm – Unwanted Guest – A subject was banging at a complainant’s door and wouldn’t leave. They were gone on police arrival.

3:45 pm – Well Being Check – A complainant was concerned about the well being of an adult and child. The subject was contacted and everything was fine.

3:49 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – Property was left in a complainant’s yard. They think it may have been stolen.

3:57 pm – Mischief – Two youths were trying to take out a window. No entry was gained and no damage was caused. The youths were gone on arrival.

4:00 pm – Theft – Sometime overnight two tires and rims were stolen from a truck in a lot. The loss is estimated at $2,100, and this is still under investigation.

4:47 pm – Threats – Police continue to investigate.

4:58 pm – Theft – There was a report of a theft of alcohol. Police continue to investigate.

5:35 pm – Hit and Run – Damage to the vehicle is $1,000. This is still under investigation to contact the other owner.

8:05 pm – Dangerous Dog – There was a report of a dog bite from a dog that was off leash. This is still under investigation for police to speak to the dog owner as per the complainant’s wishes.

9:08 pm – MVC – A two vehicle motor vehicle collision resulted in no injuries. The damage was estimated at $10,000. One vehicle was towed, one driver was issued a ticket for proceeding from a stop sign before it was safe.

10:23 pm – Theft Under – There was a report of a theft of miscellaneous property. This is still under investigation.

Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police assisted other agencies in two cases.
PACT responded on three occasions.
Police responded to one parking bylaw infraction.

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