June 22 to June 23, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police received 45 calls for service

10:30 am - 0 Block of Manitoba St E – Vehicle Seizure – Person charged for driving while suspended. Vehicle has been impounded for 30 days.

10:45 am - 800 Blk Thatcher Dr E – Dangerous Driving – Driver in vehicle drove through stop light. Under investigation to speak with registered owner.

11:06 am - 700 Blk 1st Av NE – Break & Enter – A few weeks prior, complainant noticed things were going missing. Under investigation.

11:11 am - 1000 Blk 7th Av NW – Break & Enter – Garage entered within the last while, person witnessed and gave descriptions. Under investigation.

 11:29 am - 100 Blk 4th Av SW – Hit & Run – Vehicle hit another on the bridge and drove off. Damaged vehicle lost bumper completely. Approximately $2,000 damage. Witnesses gave description. Under investigation.

11:37 am - 9th Av NE at Athabasca St E – Dangerous Driving – Vehicle came off 9th Avenue and almost hit the complainant. Plate obtained. Under investigation to speak with registered owner.

1:09 pm - 300 Blk Ominica St W – Suspicious Occurrence – Person suspects they are being followed. Will be attending to police station to speak with officers to provide more information. Under investigation.

 2:26 pm - 400 Blk Athabasca St E – Threats – Person receiving threats from another person. Police provided options in regards to the situation.

 3:27 pm - 1600 Blk Marshal Cres – Domestic – Person driving by witnessed couple arguing in vehicle. Police attended and found two people having a disagreement. The situation was mediated.

3:59 pm - 1200 Blk Main St N – Items stolen from store. Information on suspect to be followed up with by police.

 4:12 pm - 1400 Blk Hastings St – Dispute Between Neighbours – Person having issues with someone parking in front of their house, ongoing for 2 years. Complainant spoken to in regards to situation.

 4:25 pm - 900 Blk Hastings St – Hit & Run – Sometime during the afternoon, vehicle was damaged by unknown other vehicle. Approximately $1,000 damage, no suspects or witnesses.

4:49 pm - Main St at Coteau St W – Dangerous Driving – Vehicle all over the road in the area, in and out of traffic, on phone. Registered owner was contacted and warned about driving actions.

 5:24 pm - 200 Blk North Service Rd – Dispute – Disturbance at a business. Police attended and spoke with parties involved. Civil matter, no further police involvement required.

 6:14 pm - 400 Blk Saskatchewan St E – Dispute – Police attended and found two people arguing over issue. No threats, and no assault occurred. Police mediated situation and separated parties.

6:57 pm - 800 Blk 7th Av NE – Mischief – Complainant called prior to note that someone had been through a house nearby, and now found a window broken. Police attended and found small window broken, no suspects or witnesses. Damage about $50.

 9:05 pm - 100 Blk Wellington Dr – Suspicious Persons – Complainant called in stating that someone came and banged on the door, then looked in the windows. Police attended and found the described vehicle and persons, after speaking with them, found they were canvassing the area for an organization, all documents checked out.

9:39 pm - 300 Blk Wood Lily Dr – Wildlife Act – Complainant called requesting help with an animal they thought to be sick and dying in their back yard. Spoke with wildlife rescue who stated they would contact the complainant.

9:57 pm - 600 Blk Main St N – Noise Bylaw – Vehicles revving engines in the proximity every time they go through the intersection. Police attended to the area, but did not find any of the described vehicles.

 10:16 pm - 2000 Caribou St W – Break & Enter – Alarm company called out for business, police arrived to find a door open with damage. Video surveillance viewed, and about $1200 worth of product stolen. Under investigation.

11:53 pm - 0 Blk Wood Lily Dr – Suspicious Person – Person wandering around with wheelbarrow in area. Person found to be looking for change, police sent them on their way. 

12:42 am - 800 Blk 7th Av NE – Break and Enter – Report of suspicious people entering a residence while the owner was away. Police attended and arrested two people who are held for court today.

2:32 am - 100 Blk Thatcher Dr W – Disturbance – People trying to book room for night causing a disturbance. Left prior to police arrival.

Police responded to five 911 calls.

Police were called to assist 3 other agencies.

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