June 14 – June 15, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 45 calls for service.

7:49 am – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant noticed an offensive symbol spray painted on the sidewalk. Police attended and spoke with the business involved, who stated they would have it covered up. There were no witnesses or suspects.

8:02 am – Erratic Driving – A vehicle was disobeying Safety Patrollers in the area. Police are to speak with the registered owner.

8:03 am – Harassing Calls – A person sent unsolicited messages to another person. Police are to speak with both parties involved.

8:16 am – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was going through garbage and leaving mess behind. Police attended but the described subject had left the area.

8:19 am – Dangerous Dog – A person and their animal were attacked by another. Police are to locate and speak with the owners of the attacking animal.

8:22 am – Break and Enter – A compound was entered and locks were cut off a unit inside. Items were taken. Approximately $3200 of property was lost. Police are to view the video.

8:51 am – Traffic Bylaw – Semis in a urban area were using retarder breaks against the bylaw. Police are to patrol the area.

9:22 am – Disturbance – A person was yelling and screaming and had been drinking. Police attended and spoke with the subject and warned them about keeping the noise down.

9:34 am – Suspicious Occurrence – Property was left behind by a person stating they would be back to pick it up the next day. The complainant was concerned about what could be inside. Police attended and retrieved the items and brought them to the Police Station for exhibiting.

10:55 am – Trespass – A person was in business, who was previously served a ban notice. Police are to locate the subject and issue a trespass ticket.

11:34 am – Fraud – A person ordered an animal on the internet and sent a deposit. Now the people they ordered from are requesting more money, and fraud is suspected. Police spoke with the complainant and warned them to not send more money.

1:09 pm – Threats – A complainant was looking to speak with an officer in regards to options about cutting contact with another person. Police spoke with the complainant and laid out the options available.

1:32 pm – Suspicious Person – A person in the area was described as running around aimlessly touching cars. People had requested that a person leave the area but they refused. Police attended and found that the person had been taken to the hospital by a passerby and left in the care of hospital staff.

2:51 pm – Found Property – A bag full of knives, drug paraphernalia, and live ammunition was seized by police for destruction.

6:14 pm – Theft of Auto – A vehicle was last seen at 6:15 am. The keys were not inside the vehicle, and the vehicle was locked. The vehicle was added to the national database; there is no video and no suspects.

8:01 pm – Fraud – A fraudulent bill was passed through a till in a business. Police are investigating.

10:01 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated they heard what they thought was a gun shot in the area. Police attended and patrolled the area for any suspicious activities and spoke with the complainant; nothing was found.

10:54 pm – 911 Call – Two persons were having a dispute. One party left on foot prior to police arrival. They were unable to locate the other party.

12:03 am – Barking Dog – A complainant stated that a dog had been barking constantly for some time. Police attended to the address given and spoke with the dog’s owner and warned them of the bylaw.

12:24 am – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated that they thought they had seen something out in their yard, and then heard something. Police attended and checked out the area, but nothing out of the ordinary was seen.

1:22 am – Break & Enter – A complainant stated that someone sounded like they were picking the lock attempting to get into the residence. Police attended and found a person who was permitted to stay at the residence trying to get in. Police assisted in making alternate arrangements for the person trying to get in.

4:06 am – Impaired Driving – A complainant gave information that someone left the area apparently intoxicated. The individual stated they stopped and made vulgar comments and sounded intoxicated before driving away. Police could not locate the vehicle.

Police assisted other agencies in five cases.
Police assisted with six community services projects.
Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to eight 911 calls. 

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