June 11 – June 12, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 30 calls for service.

7:15 an – Attempted Theft – A complainant stated that it appeared that two person were attempting to get in their garage. They stated they were looking for another person. Nothing was taken, and this was reported for informational purposes.

8:31 am – Mischief – A complainant stated that a person is constantly in the area attempting to enter cars. Reports were given to police and this was documented for informational purposes.

9:03 am – Found Property – A laptop & case fell off the roof of a vehicle. The items were returned to the owner.

12:00 pm – Mischief – Graffiti was reported on fences in the area. An agreement was made between the person who did it and the owners to repaint fence.

12:13 pm – Towed Vehicle – A vehicle was blocking the driveway. It was towed away due to a bylaw infraction.

1:21 pm – Trespass – Two persons were reported to be trespassing. Police attended and spoke to those as described, who were in the area looking for a missing cat. No further police action was required.

3:04 pm – Found Property – Items were found in a bin and turned in to police. Police reviewed the items and identified the owners to return them to.

3:21 pm – Dispute – A person attended to a business and was banging on the doors, which appeared to be an ongoing issue. Police spoke with the complainant who explained the situation and requested that police speak to the person involved. Police are to speak with the other party.

3:26 pm – Erratic Driving – A person appeared to be on a cell phone and did not see the complainant at the intersection. Police are investigating to speak with the possible driver of the offending vehicle.

5:06 pm – Restraining Order – A person has been sending threats consistently throughout the last few years, and also sending them to other family members. The complainant wanted it documented for information purposes as they seem to be escalating. They also spoke to police about their options.

6:44 pm – Trespass – A complainant stated that there was a person who appeared to be going through vehicles in a parking lot. Police attended and spoke with a person on scene who stated that the subject was not viewed to be entering vehicles and had left the area.

8:51 pm – Mischief – A person came and damaged parts of a residence. Police attended and could not find the subject in question. The complainant did not want to proceed with any charges.

10:32 pm – Impaired Driver – Police received a report of a potential impaired driver. They attended to the area, but the person had driven away at this time. With information of the licence plate given by the complainant, Police attended to the registered owner’s residence and spoke with them in regards to the incident.

1:24 am – Domestic – A complainant called in stating they had been pushed by another person. Police attended and spoke with the parties involved, and one party left for the night.

4:21 am – Dispute – Two persons were having a heated argument in the street. Police arrived in the area to find the persons separated already at this time. No further police action was required.

Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police assisted another agency in one case. 

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