June 2 – June 3, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 34 calls for service.

7:41 am – 100 Block 2nd Av NE – Theft Under – An unlocked vehicle was entered sometime overnight, and items from inside were taken. Police are investigating to retrieve video surveillance of the area.

9:06 am – 400 Block North Service Rd – Mental Health – A person in the area was feeling down and out; police attended and the person voluntarily went to hospital and was left in the care of staff.

10:24 am – 0 Block Fairford St W – Mental Heath – A person came to the police station requesting help but was not making complete sense. Police attended and spoke with the person, who voluntarily went to hospital and was left in the care of staff.

11:07 am – 900 Block 1st Av NE – Noise Bylaw – A car alarm had been going off for over an hour. When police attended, no car alarm could be heard.

1:58 pm – 800 Block Valleyview Dr – Well Being Check – A complainant worried in regards to a person who lives in what appears to be excessive garbage. Police explained their options, including a mental health warrant, to the complainant.

2:00 pm – 0 Block Maple St E – Attempted Theft – A complainant found that a window was broken out of their vehicle, and the steering column was damaged. Approximately $1,200 of damage was done, and there are no suspects or witnesses.

2:13 pm – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Fraud – A person in a business was doing a quick change scam, and approximately $1,100 was lost. Police are investigating to view the video.

2:57 pm – 300 4th Av SW – Insecurity – A night deposit box was open with no damage noted. Police attended and found the door to be secured and working as it should.

5:19 pm – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Dispute – A person appeared to be being rough with a small person. The complainant retrieved the licence plate, and police are to speak with the registered owner about the incident.

6:09 pm – 300 Block River Park Dr – Suspicious Occurrence – It appeared that many young persons were jumping in the water in and around the bridge area. Police attended and found the persons to be of able age to swim, but warned them not to jump from the bridge.

8:54 pm – 1000 Block 7th Av NE – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was seemingly unresponsive in their vehicle. The complainant honked their horn at the vehicle, but the person didn’t move. Police attended and spoke with the person in the vehicle; they had just fallen asleep.

10:29 pm – 0 Block Thatcher Dr E – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was sitting on the boulevard on their hands. Police attended to the area, but could not locate the subject as described.

10:59 pm – 400 Block Main St N – Suspicious Occurrence – Persons in a vehicle were verbally harassing another person on the street. Police attended to the area but could not locate the vehicle as described; no licence plate was obtained.

11:33 pm – 900 Block Alder Av – Mischief – Someone was going around ringing doorbells and running away. Police attended and viewed the video, but the quality was not good enough to determine the suspect.

11:53 pm – 900 Block Francis St – Loud Party – A neighbour’s loud music was coming from the garage, and they wanted it quieted down. Police attended and spoke to the parties involved who agreed to turn down the music.

12:24 am – 1100 Block 3rd Av NE – Domestic – Police received a call in regards to a domestic occurring. Police attended and spoke with both parties; one party agreed to leave for the night and will resume discussions on the future tomorrow.

12:44 am – 1200 Block Main St N – Disturbance – A complainant stated that many people were trying to start fights. Police attended and assisted on separating the parties and sending them on their way.

2:36 am – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Disturbance – A person was intoxicated and causing issues. The person left via taxi prior to police arrival.

3:01 am – 1200 Block 11th Av SW – Threats – A person was calling a complainant threatening to come to their residence and break a window. Police arrived and did not find a person on scene. Suspect names were given, and this is still under investigation.

3:19 am – 1000 Block 1st Av NW – Breach of Recognizance – A curfew check was completed, and the person did not present themselves. Police are to investigate for charges.

3:35 am – 1100 Block 9th Av NW – Hit & Run – This was a two vehicle accident, and one vehicle fled the scene. The licence plate was obtained, and police are investigating to further look into both sides. Approximately $2,000 of damage was done.

4:31 am – 900 Block Maplewood Dr – Domestic – A complainant stated that their neighbours were screaming at each other, stomping, and slamming things. Police arrived and found one party had left, and that the verbal argument had ceased by this time.

Police responded to five 911 calls.
Police responded to two noise bylaw complaints.
Police responded to two city after hours calls.
Police charged three with breaches of order. 

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